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Welcome to the Somerset School Business Leaders’ Group.

Within North Somerset, Bursars, Administrators and Business Managers have networked for over ten years via the BABM Network.  Over time this has evolved but still remains a most valuable method of professional networking available in our ever changing and expanding roles. We have found this to be the most effective and efficient means of communicating/cascading information to a large audience regarding Finance, HR, Audit, Premises, H&S etc. 

We provide a positive message of support to staff who often work in relative professional isolation in small schools and provide an essential exchange of information with colleagues giving confidence in their own abilities which are confirmed as positive outcomes for schools and academies.  We are an inclusive network and cater for all roles whose responsibilities include all or any of the above, regardless of job description or title. 

We are expanding within the south west area to share good practice and CPD opportunities. In the past we have run meetings three times per year, including an annual, all-day Conference and Trade Fair.  We hope the desire for these important events remains, but we will act in accordance with our members requirements.

Helen Burge
Chair of SSBL


Membership of SSBL is £35 per year, including access to the online community and a place at our termly meetings and annual conference.

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